Corporate Manager Wants Liberians To Take Over Economy

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Corporate Manager Wants Liberians To Take Over Economy

A Liberian corporate manager has said that in order for Liberia as a nation to make significant inroads among the comity of nations, it must first take possession and control its economy.

Archon R. Clinton, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the ARC Investment Incorporated, noted that the business and corporate investment climate of Liberia has over the years solely rested within the domain and purview of foreign entrepreneurs.

The young and enterprising business magnate, who has excelled to the peak of corporate managerial level over a relatively short period of time, envisioned that Liberians can progress to the top managerial level within the corporate sector based on sound financial policies and implementations that could enable them be on par with their foreign counterparts.

Mr. Clinton, who manages the Archon Reconstruction Company (ARC), located in Gardnersville, related that his Liberian-owned company regulates and supervises the transportation, logistics and maintenance activities of TOTAL Liberia, while the Liberia Coca-cola and Bottling Company (LCCBC) contracted the ARC’s management in 2012 to provide similar services for their entity.

The ARC manager intoned that this nation can make progressive economy recovery for speedy development if Liberians are in the vanguard of asserting every effort aimed at striving to have their economy placed in their own hands. He noted sadly that foreign business entrepreneurs are far ahead in the business and economy competition, while some Liberians are still sitting on the fence despite their nation being endowed with immense natural resources.

Mr. Clinton lamented that as a struggling youth before he left the country in 1998 for the Netherlands, he was faced with numerous difficulties and challenges, but was determined in his ambition to acquire the requisite skills in order to come back home and contribute his quota to the nation’s post-war reconstruction program.

He later established the ARC and its subsidiary, CHAMP Enterprise, through which he has now emerged to play meaning roles in the corporate management sector. Mr. Clinton’s managerial accomplishments also paid-off when the ARC was recently honored by the Africa Watch as the Outstanding Company of the Year 2013-2014.

Besides his managerial activities, Mr. Clinton has also contributed to Liberia’s reconstruction program as well as the government of Liberia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) program by awarding numerous scholarships to destitute Liberians, who have over the years enrolled in some of the secondary and tertiary institutions in the country. He has also rendered humanitarian services by providing aid to impoverished Liberians.

Meanwhile, he has praised the Liberian government for the level of peace and stability, coupled with the existing business atmosphere, which has helped Liberians in their endeavors to rebuild their lives.

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